Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zibbet store

Tonight I put up 3 listings. 1 large Flower spray & 2 grab bags. please remember if you would like a special order i would be happy to. Thank you all for the support. I am so excited for this journey & to learn from this. I am hopeing to one day to have my items sold in stores. I ahave a Brother who is going to help me put a profolio together. I am excited about this. I have help from my daughter & her boyfriend w/ my store. This is so Much FUN :) Now I need to list some kits for you guys so we can get started w/ the ustream classes. I have decided to enclose several comlplete flowers & sprays w/ the kit. That way you also have an item you can look @ for a guideline. I am going to go rest now.
Love you all & please let's remember to have FUN while we craft.
HUGS, Lynn


  1. yay! awesome Lynn.. I am so proud of your achievements. Move on over Martha Stewart here comes Lynn :D
    Best of luck to you sweety, I'm right behind you love.

  2. Thank you Janet :-) I am having a lot of FUN w/ this Zibbet store. I hope to learn the different area's of this selling process. Next set is to try & sell international. That is scary for me though ..... LOL
    I know you will do Great w/ your store.
    Hugs , Lynn

  3. Can you give put the name of your store on this blog site so we can find it easier.
    Thanks you make lovely flowers