Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flower Kits for sale :)

Hello Everyone,
1st off i am sorry about the 2 weeks & no blogging. Most of you know i have an injury & these last 2 weeks have been super Painful. I think i am back though.
I am selling my flower kits for $11.00 w/ $3.00 shipping. All additional orders are Free shipping. These kits come w/ 300+ flower die cuts, Flowers middles, leaf/ feather cut out & trims. All this to make Flowers & Flowers sprays. Please let me know what colors you would like & pattern. I will do these kits 1st come. These should only take 2-3 days to make & ship out when ordered. I will send an invoice through pay-pal. I would only need your email Or if you want i will post a listing w/ your name in my zibbet store. I have heard that Ustream is now charging so I am thinking i will do a Class on Youtube. I will set up a time where i will be on for hrs. & also checking comments & replying back w/ video's. Let's see how this will work.
Love you all & BIG HUGs, Lynn