Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My NEW Blog

Hello Everyone,
  Yes I got A Blog Thanks to Janet. So here we go........
I will be uploading Video's, Pic's & yes hopefully chatting w/ you all.
You will know 1st what the items of my giveaway's will be. I also will be doing a giveaway for
my blog member's :) When I get to 50 I will have my 1st giveaway filled w/ all handmade items
just for you :) Please tell your friend's to come on over :)
Hugs to you all, Lynn


  1. Hi Lynn congrats on getting a blog. I look forward to reading your posts and will put you on my blog list. Enjoyed watching your puppy in the snow. Hugs Sara

  2. Hi Lynn!

    Congratulations on starting your blog! Looking forward to reading your posts.


  3. Lynn... congrats on your blog. I have one but don't use it much yet. I should start.
    Can't wait to see your stuff.
    Mary Farrington

  4. Yay!! you figured it out chica.. so glad we are on this journey together. Now the fun begins.. or maybe not :( as I have to figure how this blog thingy works heehee. Come by my page more often as well. Big hugs Janet

  5. Lynn, I am so happy to see you happy, this is an awesome blog, and I can't wait to see what goes on.
    Hi Janet!!!
    Take to you soon dearest.
    Hugs Mom

  6. Ahhh ........ Thank you MOM :)