Monday, March 12, 2012

pain day :(

Hello everyone,
Well today I woke up in a lot of pain. AHHHH - I am trying to fight it though.  Last night I made 160 Flowers. I might have over done it. But i wanted to get some grab bags ready to be sold. I will be posting a pic. Let me know what you guys think. I have made some different ones & believe it or not my honey last night was watching me & said " WOW !!! You made these" Oh my ..... that was the best :) I hear it for my subbies but from him. WOW ..... He was like "this is very interkit" (sp?) LOL
He always sees me making many different things, but this I got the best reaction :) He even gave me a shoe box. He use to just through in the recycle box but is noticing how many rak's i am doing. Spending shopping $ to help others. He knows i create w/ everything & said " do you think you could alter this ?" Oh i love how the box & the lid are attached.  told him "oh YES This is AWESOME thank you " I got excited over a box ...... LOL. I am pleased easily :) I am going to rest, but wanted to let you all know what i have been up to yesterday & today. Today is going to be a "REST" day :)
Hugs to everyone :) Lynn

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