Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday everyone :)

Today I am going to be making more Flowers. Getting Evelyn's grab bag done & hopefully finish more so I can list on Zibbet. I am also going to be doing some classes on Ustream. I set up my account last night. I will be making kits for this class as well. No need to buy to do the class. Just an option. Thank you to Janet for this idea :) What a Great Friend. I am hopeing to start in a week. I will be posting kits ...... ? I am going to try to see if i can sell them here on my blog other wise it will be on my zibbet page. I will talk about more in a few days when i get all the details.
  I hope you all had a Great week & Now hopefully a Great weekend. I am Looking foward to my 325 giveaway on YT. Yes another Giveaway ...... LOL - Last night i was making an item for this give away one of many that will be in the bag. I also was adding more items to my Sweet Emily's box. I Love swaps. That is all for now. thank you all for becoming memebers :) And for your support many Hugs, Lynn


  1. HI Lynn so glad I was able to join your blog I love your YT videos. My YT name is emchantedcookies. Great Job on the blog always love your work and your sweetness. TFS

  2. So excited Lynn! Can't wait to check out your classes and of course your kits. =)Your so talented and hopefully some of your talent will rub off on me. One can hope right? lol


    youtube name is Stephanie2008100