Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flower Kits for sale :)

Hello Everyone,
1st off i am sorry about the 2 weeks & no blogging. Most of you know i have an injury & these last 2 weeks have been super Painful. I think i am back though.
I am selling my flower kits for $11.00 w/ $3.00 shipping. All additional orders are Free shipping. These kits come w/ 300+ flower die cuts, Flowers middles, leaf/ feather cut out & trims. All this to make Flowers & Flowers sprays. Please let me know what colors you would like & pattern. I will do these kits 1st come. These should only take 2-3 days to make & ship out when ordered. I will send an invoice through pay-pal. I would only need your email Or if you want i will post a listing w/ your name in my zibbet store. I have heard that Ustream is now charging so I am thinking i will do a Class on Youtube. I will set up a time where i will be on for hrs. & also checking comments & replying back w/ video's. Let's see how this will work.
Love you all & BIG HUGs, Lynn

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello :)

Hi everyone,
  So Sorry about the Late blog but i have been super busy crafting. Making Flowers & items for Swaps. I am having fun doing all this. It sure is keeping me busy :) I hope everyone had a Great week & now hopefully for a Great weekend :) I will be posting some new items for my Zibbet store. I uploaded a video last night showing my New items. I am also taking orders outside of Zibbet. I can email invoices through Pay pal. I Love that. Not everyone has a Zibbet account so I love this options. I am also going to be having a giveaway for returning customers. Look out for the video explaining more about it. I will word it better in a video.
That you all for your Support. BIG HUGS to you all, Lynn

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My store :) Remember i take special orders & will list under your name if you would like a certain color. I have one customer that is ordering Flowers, stick pins, charms, & etc. I made into a grab bag for her. I will also be listing small pks. I will try to get that done real soon.
Hugs to all my Friends :) Lynn

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zibbet store

Tonight I put up 3 listings. 1 large Flower spray & 2 grab bags. please remember if you would like a special order i would be happy to. Thank you all for the support. I am so excited for this journey & to learn from this. I am hopeing to one day to have my items sold in stores. I ahave a Brother who is going to help me put a profolio together. I am excited about this. I have help from my daughter & her boyfriend w/ my store. This is so Much FUN :) Now I need to list some kits for you guys so we can get started w/ the ustream classes. I have decided to enclose several comlplete flowers & sprays w/ the kit. That way you also have an item you can look @ for a guideline. I am going to go rest now.
Love you all & please let's remember to have FUN while we craft.
HUGS, Lynn

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello :)

Hello Everyone. Ok I have a lot of video's i just uploaded. I have done these over the last few days.
I am so tired after going to Hobby lobby w/ a friend. I got many different items to get started on more of my flower sprays. I am putting together some kits to get started on these U-stream classes. I am also going to be making one more item. Wait to see what it is :)
Thank you all for stopping by. Hugs, Lynn

Monday, March 12, 2012

pain day :(

Hello everyone,
Well today I woke up in a lot of pain. AHHHH - I am trying to fight it though.  Last night I made 160 Flowers. I might have over done it. But i wanted to get some grab bags ready to be sold. I will be posting a pic. Let me know what you guys think. I have made some different ones & believe it or not my honey last night was watching me & said " WOW !!! You made these" Oh my ..... that was the best :) I hear it for my subbies but from him. WOW ..... He was like "this is very interkit" (sp?) LOL
He always sees me making many different things, but this I got the best reaction :) He even gave me a shoe box. He use to just through in the recycle box but is noticing how many rak's i am doing. Spending shopping $ to help others. He knows i create w/ everything & said " do you think you could alter this ?" Oh i love how the box & the lid are attached.  told him "oh YES This is AWESOME thank you " I got excited over a box ...... LOL. I am pleased easily :) I am going to rest, but wanted to let you all know what i have been up to yesterday & today. Today is going to be a "REST" day :)
Hugs to everyone :) Lynn

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello everyone. So today i made lots & lots of Flowers. Oh my ...... I even made some different one's. I will be posting some soon. I am getting some kits ready & also some Grab bags for my Zibbet store.
I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend. I am so far. I am putting issues behind me. I have so many friends here & on YT that are true friends & who are supporting me. We need to support each & stand up to Bully's. Enough of that. Now What items would you like to see me make. This is going to be a weekly challenge i am going to give myself. I would like help from my members. Let's see if we can do it together. Then showing it on each other's Blog or even YT page. What do you guys think ?
Ok I am going to go to sleep. Sorry for the late Blog. Flowers got in the way .... LOL
Big HUGS to you all, Lynn

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday everyone :)

Today I am going to be making more Flowers. Getting Evelyn's grab bag done & hopefully finish more so I can list on Zibbet. I am also going to be doing some classes on Ustream. I set up my account last night. I will be making kits for this class as well. No need to buy to do the class. Just an option. Thank you to Janet for this idea :) What a Great Friend. I am hopeing to start in a week. I will be posting kits ...... ? I am going to try to see if i can sell them here on my blog other wise it will be on my zibbet page. I will talk about more in a few days when i get all the details.
  I hope you all had a Great week & Now hopefully a Great weekend. I am Looking foward to my 325 giveaway on YT. Yes another Giveaway ...... LOL - Last night i was making an item for this give away one of many that will be in the bag. I also was adding more items to my Sweet Emily's box. I Love swaps. That is all for now. thank you all for becoming memebers :) And for your support many Hugs, Lynn

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better day :)

Today is going to be a Better day :) Last 2 days i have been harassed. Well some have said it is more bullying. I HATE bullies. I never thought i would be on YT being bullied. I really did not from Laura who i thought was a friend. I always stand up to bullys. I make sure they know it is not ok. But now i have seen the other side. It Hurts. But I am going to put that aside & focus on my "REAL" frineds. I have to many on YT & here on my New Blog ....... YAY !!!!
   Ok last night I made some keychains & I am hopeing i can start selling them. Although the hard part is figuring out the $. I will have to work on that :)
  Today I am going to be making more Flowers. What is the best way to forget the friends you have lost from these actions of a bully. MAKE FLOWERS !!!! Yep that is what i am going to do.
  Then hopefully i will be making somemore video's. I should be getting an order today from Evelyn store.
Ok I will talk later. Love you all, Lynn

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thank you all :)

Thank you all for stopping by & becoming members. I hope we can have fun chatting & hopefully getting pointers on crafts. Also becoming better friends :) Hugs to you all, Lynn

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My NEW Blog

Hello Everyone,
  Yes I got A Blog Thanks to Janet. So here we go........
I will be uploading Video's, Pic's & yes hopefully chatting w/ you all.
You will know 1st what the items of my giveaway's will be. I also will be doing a giveaway for
my blog member's :) When I get to 50 I will have my 1st giveaway filled w/ all handmade items
just for you :) Please tell your friend's to come on over :)
Hugs to you all, Lynn